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Consider the following:

These statistics demonstrate that the population of the United States is aging at a rapid rate, people are living longer than in the past, and employees of all ages feel ill-prepared for the future. The challenge does not stop with these trends, however. Contrary to what many believe, the costs of long-term care are not covered by health insurance, disability insurance, or Medicare. As a result, people are starting to rely more on their employers for assistance in securing their futures.

The solution lies in implementing a comprehensive LTCi program for employees.

With people becoming more aware of these challenges, often through their own experiences with care-giving situations, it is no wonder why Long-Term Care insurance [LTCi] is one of the nation’s fastest growing worksite benefits. LTCi provides answers to the questions that are on everyone’s mind – What will I do should the need for care arise? How can I protect my retirement income, savings, and assets? If I end up needing care, how can I preserve my family’s financial, emotional, and physical well-being?

Long-Term Care insurance [LTCi], Employer-funded or offered Voluntarily, is coverage that can present tremendous value for Benefits Brokers and their Employer group clients. Employers get the opportunity to offer a unique benefit to Employees with exclusive program benefits, such as underwriting concessions, unisex pricing, discounted premiums and payroll deduction. In addition, Brokers will benefit from a vested continuous revenue stream.

When it comes to establishing an Employer sponsored LTCi program, ARM does all the work for the Broker. Starting with the initial presentation, plan design and enrollment logistics to ongoing re-enrollment and billing support, ARM’s Marketing Team handles it all. We can be introduced to the Employer’s HR and Billing Department at the initial meeting or prior to enrollment to ensure an administratively seamless process.

We strive to make the enrollment process as easy and flexible as possible. Our Enrollment Team enrolls through face-to-face worksite meetings, seminars and one-on-one meetings, both in the workplace and after-hours in the home. Employees can learn about coverage options virtually through webinars and screen-share appointments coordinated via online scheduling software.

With ARM's involvement, setting up a case is effortless for Brokers and Employers alike. Submit a request below and one of ARM's Multi-Life Specialists will reach out to give you a more detailed overview of Employer-Sponsored LTCi and provide you with the full scope of our capabilities.

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