ARM Does It All For You

ARM Does It All For You

ARM strives to make program set-up and administration as easy as possible for employers as well. We liaise between HR departments and the carrier to make sure the roll-out of the benefit goes smoothly and provide continue support on matters such as billing and new hire enrollment.

Pending employer approval, the LTCi Specialist can hold educational seminars at the worksite. These seminars are announced via several educational emails that are sent to the employees’ work email account.  Seminars are a great opportunity for the LTCi Specialist to demonstrate the value of Long-Term Care Insurance in a more informal setting than an individual enrollment meeting.
Billing & Payroll Deduction
ARM will support during the set-up of payroll deductions and subsequent billing processes, including assistance with deductions for funded employees that purchase additional coverage. A billing call will be set up between the carrier, the employer and the broker to discuss the ongoing billing process.

See What Our Employer Client Partners Are Saying

Deirdre Hume

HR Manager, Norwell Visiting Nurse & Hospice, Norwell, MA
"ARM's continued support has been invaluable. Through the initial open enrollment and subsequent enrollment periods, they have been an excellent resource for both employees and those of us on the administration side of things. ARM's team is efficient, knowledgeable, and understands what must be done to keep the program running as smoothly as possible."

Carey Walden

Manager HR Services, National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD
"The team at ARM makes administering the Long-Term Care insurance benefit easy. Not only do they monitor our new hires and enroll them promptly into the plan, but they also provide detail that makes payroll deduction a breeze, anticipate any issues and handle them proactively."