Worksite LTCi Is Advantageous to Your Employer Clients

Worksite LTCi Is Advantageous to Your Employer Clients

The “ideal” employer client is one with a distinct executive class and can vary in industry. Law and architecture firms, doctor groups, CPA organizations are great candidates, but even industries such as manufacturing or tree trimming could be a good fit if they have that distinct executive class or a willingness to fund LTCi for employees.

The tax advantages that come with an LTCi program are attractive to any employer client. The IRS' treatment of employer-funded LTCi creates significant savings both employers and employees alike.

*Entities other than C‐Corps are subject to the age based eligible premium table set by the IRS

Disclaimer: A taxpayer seeking advice with regard to a particular situation must consult with his or her independent tax advisor.

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