Nate Pomeroy, Director, New Business

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Nate Pomeroy, Director, New Business

Nate joined the ARM team as an undergraduate student in 2007 as a New Business Case Manager.  He earned his BA in Marketing from Northeastern University and is now Director, New Business.

His eight years of LTCi experience gives him the expertise necessary to proficiently assist agents in determining insurability, navigating the complexities of underwriting standards with multiple carriers.  Nate’s expertise also allows him to troubleshoot various New Business challenges to make every effort in getting cases issued.

At ARM, Nate’s responsibilities include application intake and scrubbing, pre-screening applicants, and ensuring that the New Business department keeps agents informed of their pending cases status.

Nate, his wife, Lana, and his son, John, live in Salem, MA.

Fun Fact: Tom Brady was mentioned in Nate’s wedding vows.